Zenas Baptist Church

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Zenas Baptist Church

7200 E County Rd. 920 N

Butlerville, IN 47223

(812) 591-2295

Sunday School - 9:30am

Worship Service - 10:30am

Pastor: Mitch Harrell



"Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."    Matthew 11:28


 The Baptist Church at Zenas, Jennings County, Indiana, was constituted June 20, 1843, by a council of brethern from the following sister churches, vis.: Rock Creek, Zoar, Concord, Hopewell, Brush Creek, Vernon and Marion--constituted of the following names, vis.: John P. Patterson, David Smiley, John Green, E. and Sarah Glasgow, Louisa Elliott, Rebecca Smiley, Letta A. Elliott, Sarah Green, Mary R. Patterson, and Margaret Hibbard. These few took upon themselves the solemn vows of Church Covenant, to worship God and maintain and honor the cayse of Christ in the community where they lived. Of this constitution all have passed away but Sister Hibbard (now Sister Elliott) who still lives a blessing to the Church and community around her. The first meeting for business was held in a school house in Zenas, July 17, A.D., 1843 Elder Andrew Baker was chosen Moderator, and Ephrain Glasgow, Clerk. The Church during its existence has had eleven pastors, vis.: Elders Baker, Tucker, Christie, Sneed, Reynolds, Swincher, Stott, Waters, Johnson, Spear, and Allee. Elders Baker, Tucker, and Christie's pastorate continued for about ten years; E. Sneed, two years; R. Kelly, two years; J. Reynolds, two years; J.B. Swincher, four years; J. Stott, three years; J. Waters, two years; N. Johnson, four yearss--who is our present pastor. The Church has had four deacons, vis.: John Raffety, David Mavety, Randolph Daughters, and William Galloway; the two last our present deacons. The Church has had six clerks, vis.: Ephraim Glasgow, James Huckstep, William Hall, David Burton, Franklin Hittle, and Nathan Gloyd, present clerk. The Church has lost many of its best members by death and immigration in the last few years; but there are a few yet who wish to maintain the public worship of God and contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the Saints, and as a Church it feels that it has some influence from the fact that many of its best citizens are its friends and ready to help it in time of need. There have been attached to the Church since its existence two-hundred and twenty members-the present number being sisty-three.
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The picture at the top of the page is our current church building while the picture to the left is the original Zenas Baptist Church.  It is not known if the current structure is in the same location of the original building.